Hey <3 I'm Sara. Loving since June 7, 1995; is now 19 years old. Currently living in the Philippines; but is Chinese-Filipino. PANDA. She's forever taken by her awesome PANDAS. Studying at ADZU >:P belongs to BSAc 4-B <3 I make my own themes. I find inspiration out of photos. THIS is where you'll know more about me. Got any problem? Feel free to ask me.
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fellow Zamboanga City bloggers!

theme. SEMI-ACTIVE. no queued posts. will come on randomly. No replies to TAs (i simply can't). For quick reply, mention me via Twitter @nyaaabear.<-just follow. Please read this post before asking me anything. Thank you :)
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This theme is viewed perfectly with high-resolution screens (and with good internet speed). If browsing my (old) resources blog, you'll notice a lot of errors in some pages. That is due to Tumblr changing its codings every now and then--this also applies to all the themes I have released to the public. I'm happy to see that even until now, there are still themes made by me being used by others. I no longer will be active, but I won't be taking this tumblr down for reasons. For updates, I will be editing my 'Quick update' area now and then. Hover for links ↓
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