Hey <3 I'm Sara. Loving since June 7, 1995; is now 19 years old. Currently living in the Philippines; but is Chinese-Filipino. PANDA. She's forever taken by her awesome PANDAS. Studying at ADZU >:P belongs to BSAc 4-B <3 I make my own themes. I find inspiration out of photos. THIS is where you'll know more about me. Got any problem? Feel free to ask me.
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theme. SEMI-ACTIVE. no queued posts. will come on randomly. No replies to TAs (i simply can't). For quick reply, mention me via Twitter @nyaaabear.<-just follow. Please read this post before asking me anything. Thank you :)
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This theme is viewed perfectly with high-resolution screens (and with good internet speed). If browsing my (old) resources blog, you'll notice a lot of errors in some pages. That is due to Tumblr changing its codings every now and then--this also applies to all the themes I have released to the public. I'm happy to see that even until now, there are still themes made by me being used by others. I no longer will be active, but I won't be taking this tumblr down for reasons. For updates, I will be editing my 'Quick update' area now and then. Hover for links ↓
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Panda Love ♥ theme ;>

Please read the description and first post in the preview blog.!

Here’s the Panda theme some of you requested :) I can’t upload it to the Tumblr themes so I just uploaded the .txt file to mediafire :3 That way, I can also track the number of downloads :3 You paste the code in Customize page > edit HTML. You also edit links using the HTML editor, save and refresh for the update tab to appear in the ‘appearance’ tab. Read the first post for more info.

It is important that you read the first post of the preview blog :) Thank you to all who wanted this to be public, and so sorry for the delay. :3

live preview: http://pandalove-theme.tumblr.com/

download: http://www.mediafire.com/?o3fe4dd8te2ok5f

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Your Love ♥. theme ;>

Please read the first post in the live preview blog ; and also the description there. Thank you! ^^ 

Hey loves! ♥ Sorry it took so long~ but here it is! A new public theme >.< I was planning to do the three-column theme but uhhh~ I got lazy >.< Enjoy this one!

Please check Customize > Appearance for the things you can edit~

You can customize it all you want, just leave the credits, please? ^^

live preview: http://yourlove-theme.tumblr.com/

install it: http://www.tumblr.com/theme/33045

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Okay, so I don&#8217;t know what happened -.- And I have no idea how on earth this theme is a duplicate or whatever. I don&#8217;t understand *sigh* Did anyone submitted it before me? Or what? O_O Ugh! I&#8217;ll try to fix this if I still could &gt;//&lt;

Okay, so I don’t know what happened -.- And I have no idea how on earth this theme is a duplicate or whatever. I don’t understand *sigh* Did anyone submitted it before me? Or what? O_O Ugh! I’ll try to fix this if I still could >//<

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find your way out theme ;>

I know it took me forever to put this up. But here it is ;) For those of you who wanted it. Please visit my live preview blog for further instructions on the PNG image, Sidebar and Portrait image and other stuffs ;)

Can customized* Just go to Customize > Appearance for the complete stuffs ;)

You can redecorate (:P) it however you want, just leave the credits, PLEASE.

*might subject to change if there are errors 

live preview: http://findout-theme.tumblr.com/

install it: http://www.tumblr.com/theme/32074

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love beyond theme ;>

*part two of my sorrows and heartaches theme.

So I did the theme first before my new theme :D haha! oh well ;) *scratching this out of my list* I hope you won’t find it difficult to install this theme. *no long description for this one, all i can say this was inspired by… korean simplicity? O_O

by the way, this one has a search box (just go to Appearance if you want to allow it) but I really haven’t tested it yet if it’ll work. haha :D

Everything for you to customize is under the Appearance tab. Please do visit my live preview blog for special notes.

live preview: http://lovebeyond-theme.tumblr.com/

install it: http://www.tumblr.com/theme/31230

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sweetness (love) theme ;>

here it is for those of you who wanted it ^-^ customizable ;) you can enable/disable the circle navigations. just check the Customize tab for things you can change on. if you have questions regarding this theme, please feel free to TA me <3 check live-preview blog for full features.

live-preview: http://sweetness-theme.tumblr.com

install: http://www.tumblr.com/theme/31021

*might subject to change

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Sorrows and Heartaches theme ;>

i rushed this one. i have to go somewhere else. *theme speaks my emotion for me. *sigh* i hope you enjoy this one. it’s aka Simple and Clean ;) i really like it, to be honest. i hope you do too.

customizable. edit it in anyway you want, just leave the credits alone. i won’t host the code anymore. i’m too lazy and tired. just install it. it’s easier that way.

live-preview: http://heartaches-theme.tumblr.com/

install: http://www.tumblr.com/theme/30902

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simple love theme ;>

someone asked me if i’m ever gonna put this theme up for public…well, here it is ♥ it doesn’t look the same as the one i used previously cause my sidebar was crowded. lol. ;) feel free to edit it in anyway you want, just please don’t remove the credit. dear please i only left one link to my url there :) *customizable.

i know it’s extremely late (night) and early in the morning but i wanted to distract myself. ugh O_O

live preview: http://simplelove-theme.tumblr.com/

get the code: http://freetexthost.com/1dk5nj4ws3 or

install: http://www.tumblr.com/theme/30892

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we’ll be a dream theme ;>

third public theme. this was requested* this used to be my 3rd theme, i think >< features on the live preview. *customizable. please don’t remove credits. ahaha >< i kinda rushed this one, i still have to do something. customize it in any way you want, just please don’t remove the credits :3 not yet final.

live preview: wellbeadream-theme

get the code: http://freetexthost.com/fqewlheju2 or

install: http://www.tumblr.com/theme/30889

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simplicity theme ;>

second public theme. inspired by photography. features on live preview blog. again, no removing of credits. as you can see i lessen the amount of my link in it -_- haha. just pretty please don’t steal/rip/remove credit. <3 fully customizable. do whatever you want, just leave the credit.

live preview: simplicity-theme or twinklinglove

get the code: http://freetexthost.com/rtxwmtv42g or

install: http://www.tumblr.com/theme/30888

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